• "Making it Clear makes excellent easy read documents, and because of this it helps me do more for myself and be included in making my own decisions."
    Lorainne Bellamy

Lorainne reading an easy read document
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Easy read service

Why our easy read service?

  • We are leading experts in easy read, having worked with organisations worldwide, including the UN, the UK Government and Parliament, the EU, political parties, international NGOs, local authorities, the NHS, national charities and more.



  • We have reworked every type of information into easy read, from political party manifestos to high profile policy documents, reports, forms, surveys and leaflets.


  • We don’t just ‘translate’ your information, we think carefully and creatively about how to make it work. We advise you of any accessibility concerns and how to address them.


  • We built our expertise through working closely with people with a learning disability to understand and meet their needs.


  • We work in partnership with a local self-advocacy group on our easy read documents (see below).


  • We can help with graphic design, print or audio.


  • We offer great value for money for high quality work.

Working with people with a learning disability

We are working with Hackney People First on our easy read documents. They can give their expert opinion on the documents we produce for you.


See Hackney People First’s top tips for easy read information.


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